Jamie Brooke

Ready for this Jelly


2 hot, 1 cold, -1 vol, -1 dark



Harm: 1


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Richard Harvey – STRING

Kellie Ashworth – STRING

Ryan Pointer – STRING

Leo Greyson – STRING STRING (PC)

Garnet Whalley – STRING (PC)

Lara Lionnes – STRING

Geoff Truman – STRING

Fuck Alex Richards


“Its, like, not easy being pretty”

Jamie’s family come from money. Old money. The second heir to the families wealth, she is far from happy in any position where she isn’t in control. Having moved out of her families large house at the age of 16, she has her divorced father paying for her accommodation out of a desperation to maintain any form of relationship with her. That’s no secret though, Jamie obvious contempt for the man is plain and a thin air of joviality in regards to him does little to hide her obvious spite just below the surface.

Around campus, Jamie is one of the pretty ones. Her clothes – also funded by her father – are top brands, shoes always spotless, makeup liberal and perfume lavish. With the appearance she cultivates so perfectly, its not unusual at all to see her with her surrounding admirers, mostly made up of the sports teams she gets to energised by. She began her education here the previous year in law, but dropped out and has now restarted, instead studying Geology. Some rumours may wander that she didn’t have the grades to get in a second time, but a generous donation can get you anywhere.

Jamie Brooke

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