Cassandra Circe

Something wicked this way comes


Skin: Witch

Age: 18

Look: Lithe, Playful Eyes

Origin: Gifted, by a nature spirit she disturbed when on a hike who claimed it was part of an experiment to gauge how a mortal would react, or the path they would take, when given powers previously unknown to them. This may suggest that others have been given similar gifts or similarly changed, but if so, Cassie isn’t aware. Nor is she aware if the ‘spirit’ was telling the truth, or the extent of her new powers.

Hot -1
Cold 1
Volatile 0
Dark 2

Sympathetic Tokens : You gain power from sympathetic
tokens – items of personal significance
that you take from others. +1 when rolling against.

Hex-Casting: You can cast Hexes. To cast them, either expend
a sympathetic token during a secret
ritual, or meet the target’s gaze and
chant at them in tongues. 10+ the hex works and is easily reversed. 7-9, it works but choose one: unexpected side-effects; take one harm; trigger darkest self

Sanctuary: You have a secret place for practicing
witchcraft. 1 to Dark rolls here

Breath of Life: When you lay your hands on a wounded person, if you don’t have the condition ‘drained’, roll with dark. 10+, they heal all harm and you gain a String on them. 7-9, choose one: They heal all harm and you take that harm instead; they heal all harm and someone nearby takes that harm instead. Afterwards, gain condition ‘drained’

Binding a person so they cannot harm others
Illusions in the form of demonic visages
Wither: The person loses all of their hair, or their teeth start rotting and falling out, or their period comes and it comes
by the bucketful, or their skin gets all sickly yellow and spotty. Whatever the specifics, it’s bad.
Ring of Lies: Whenever the person attempts to lie, they hear a piercing ringing noise. Big lies will often make their knees buckle and disorient them. Severe lies can cause harm or even brain damage.
Watching: You enter a deep sleep, and begin to see the world through the eyes of the hexed. You can feel their reactions
to and impressions of what they are seeing.

Harm: 2/4

Exp. Points: level 4 0/5

One on Alex Richards
One on Garnett Whalley
One on Zed

Sympathetic Tokens:
Garnett Whalley: Cassie has stolen her pelt in return for a favour
Zed Tuckerman: She recently borrowed his Biology notes-


Background: Cassie lives with her older brother, Gabriel, having moved out of her parents house at the beginning of summer. She gets along with her brother, but the 10 year age gap between them means they have little in common. She does not get on with her neglectful parents. She has always skirted the edges of most social groups, being known but not popular, often leaving people with the impression of not knowing quite what to think of her. She is incredibly non-committal, even seeming unmotivated on occasion. She is often caught dozing in class, and knows most people by how often she has copied their homework or notes. Despite this, she somehow maintains a pretty decent grade average.
Cassie does not enjoy confrontation, but she also won’t stand by and watch the usual asshole bullies stomp all over the kids who can’t or won’t defend themselves, although she is very reluctant to ever enter into any kind of physical altercation. She has also often been told that she has no filter between her head and her mouth, which has gotten her into plenty of trouble with student and teacher alike.
She considers Zed a friend, and has a few classes with him. She often copies his notes.

Cassandra Circe

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