Zed Tuckerman

Anyone good at sewing?


Zed Tuckerman
Skin: Ghoul
Look: Hollow Eyes, Thin.
Origin: Constructed
Age: 17 / 18

Hot: -1
*Cold: 3
*Volatile: 2
Dark: -1

-The Hunger (Flesh)
-Short Rest for the Wicked
-Scent of Blood (Wearwolf)
-Take the Blow (Chosen)

Harm: 1/4

EXP: 0/5

-Father, Gary Cross, Dead – 39
-Mother, Catherine, Dead – 37
-Sister, Sophie, Dead – 13

-Flatmate, Geoff Trueman, 17
-Working at St Mary’s as Porter

-Zed keeps well to himself, the lacrosse team have been known to mess with him more than once, but never physically.
He’s been known to chat with Cassie. Seen mostly staring out the window, teacher has to keep him focused most of the time.
Hangs with Geoff outside of class.

-Who constructed you?
“Well I don’t really know, but they made a hash job of it.”
-Parents and family?
“Parents died in the fire…. same as me and Sophie. Cant go back to Maine, people may know me” – Victor Cross Aka Zed Tuckerman

Someone reminded you what love was, when you thought that death had stolen it away from you forever. Give them 2 Strings. -

Did anyone watch you die, or watch you come back to life? If so, you both gain 2 Strings on each other. -


Jemma 2
Leon 2
Amber 1
Cassie 1


Zed Tuckerman

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