Leo Greyson


Skin: Angel
Age: 18
Looks: Stunning, Bright eye’s

Origin: Deserter

Harm: 0/4

Exp: 0/5

0 Hot
0 Cold
1 Volatile

Cast from heaven
Profane Powers

The lord loves someone else more
than he loves you. Naturally, a rivalry
has sprung up. You gain two Strings
on them, and they gain one on you.

Someone reminds you of heaven. They
gain a String on you


His Father had created the earth so why shouldn’t everyone be able to enjoy it, Leo would often look down, wishing he could join the human’s, and one day that’s exactly what he did, he strive’s for attention and enjoy’s the popularity that seems to come attached to his look’s, while he doesn’t understand much about how being a teenager work’s he’s willing to do anything to fit in.

Outside of school Leo can be found hanging out with the more popular group’s, attending party’s and doing what ever else he can get away with.

Leo Greyson

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